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Laura Stukel

Reflective journal writing is a way to direct your own growth, to tap the wisdom within. For 25+ years I’ve helped individuals, families, organizations navigate change. I’ve studied leading thinkers and used their guided journal writing methods myself. I coach people in transition — so they can rediscover their own personal truths and move forward. I combine my passion and skills for innovation, personal growth, and problem-solving to help others tap their own inner wisdom when they need it most. When we embrace our own talents and inner wisdom, a new future is possible.

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About this course

SNEAK PEEK: Discover the Wisdom Within

Eighteen techniques for mindfulness, self-care, problem-solving and time-management. 

Be your own coach through your journal. Benefits like achieving goals, emotional healing, mindfulness and stress reduction. Since COVID-19, journaling has been highlighted as a coping tool from experts such as Astronaut Scott Kelly and the Mayo Clinic! Two big obstacles: spending too much time writing (yes, you read that right!), and losing motivation after a few ‘Dear Diary, today I…’ entries.

The Journal to the Self workshop busts through with a fresh collection of 18 beloved techniques, each designed to distract the grammar-correcting brain and tap greater creativity and insights from within. Since 1991 over 100,000 students worldwide have experienced the benefits of journal writing. The online classroom feels like a digital magazine, with a private discussion lounge. All writing occurs in the privacy of your own laptop or favorite journal.

Register now and save 15% -- only $197 for multi-week program. (Normally $227.)  

Prepare to surprise yourself with the oohs and ah-has you get from your own writing!

This course is a self-paced learning experience.  

Lesson 1 - Getting Started + Optional Webinar - What is Insight Writing?

Lesson 2 - Choices! Plus Core Tools

Lesson 3 - Catch Up Week + Optional Webinar - Two Amazing Writing Tools You'll Never Forget!

Lesson 4 - Time Management Tools & Another Core Tool 

Lesson 5 - Writing to Inspire Action

Lesson 6 - Going Deep

Lesson 7 - Catch Up Week + Optional Webinar - Working with Dreams in Your Journal

Lesson 8 - Inner Wisdom; Wrapping Up  

Bonus! Lesson 9 - Optional Webinar - Creating Your Own Practice + open time for Q&A.

Course Texts:

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