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Hanna Merin

Hanna Merin is a teacher, an educator, a storyteller, and a certified journal facilitator. The owner and founder of Right Your Tale, Hanna studied Philosophy of Education, Jewish Philosophy, management career for Woman, storytelling and therapeutic, expressive writing. These days Hanna is completing her MA in Positive Psychology at Life University, focusing on the science of happiness and the Buddhist theories as an attitude to a better life. Since very young she was tuned to folktales. She found out that folktales carry the ability to penetrate and become a miracle tool which opens inner doors that we never had the courage to open. Her passion for the written word, for poetry and narratives led her to combine it in her work and workshops and to use it as a key to open hearts and to wake the inner storyteller hidden in us. Hanna uses folktales as an icebreaker and as a glue in her personal and professional lives. Hanna can be contacted at

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In this four-week course, we will invite ourselves to dive into the magical kingdom of our own self to search for the hidden treasures inside.  We will unfold our inner senses and character strengths as a tool to explore and express as we are in the present - here and now.  CEUs NOT available.

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