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Kristen DeFazio-Schmidt

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About this course

Have you been languishing? Feeling blah? Experiencing “revenge bedtime procrastination”? Losing our sense of normalcy while lacking a way back to normal changes our view of self, life, relationships, and even the world. We will explore moving from isolation to connection, anxiety to calm, distancing to community. This course will discuss how to readjust, reframe, and revive joy and pleasure. Through the use of poetry and journaling, we will examine the aspects of being human that we are working to regain: connection, clarity, community. This course can be helpful for your own personal growth or for use with clients.  CEUs NOT Available.

Required Text:  None

Course Objectives:

Assess personal resiliency and devise ways to be more resilient (including flow).

Employ poetry and journal techniques to practice introspection and reflection

Devise a concrete plan to move from languishing to flourishing (and reviving/reframing joy)