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Anjana Deshpande

Anjana is a therapist, published author and workshop facilitator. Her early career was spent in market research and she later changed tracks to become a therapist. Anjana is founder of Writethought, a company that helps “Educate, Empower and Enrich” lives through the written word. She works with both clients and clinicians who wish to get acquainted with the power of therapeutic writing, and presents workshops regularly. She serves on the board of the NFBPT and can be contacted through or Additional Licensure, Certifications: Certified Journal Therapist; Certified Poetry Therapist Publications: Effectiveness of Poetry Therapy as an Adjunct to Self Psychology in Clinical Work with Older Adults – A Single Case Study – published in the Journal of Poetry Therapy, March 2010

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About this course

4 Weeks of Self-Kindness
Instructor – Anjana Deshpande, MBA, LCSW, CPT, CJT

We are all born with a core self, but it gets delegated to the back burner as we focus on day to day life. This four-week course teaches how to use self compassion to reconnect with the core self, and live a life that is aligned with the authentic self. We will go through at least 4 writing exercises to help reconnect, forgive and hold ourselves with self-kindness. CEUs Available

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