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Kay Adams

Kay Adams is a psychotherapist and journal therapist in Denver, Colorado. She is the founder of Journalversity and its parent company, the Center for Journal Therapy. Since 1985, Kay has created intersecting journal communities. Journalversity, a global digital writing school, is the latest. She is the author/editor of 14 books on journal writing, including the best-seller Journal to the Self, and the textbook Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice.

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About this course

Love in the Time of Corona: A Journal Writing Community for These Times

Created and curated by Kathleen Adams, LPC, Founder and Director, Center for Journal Therapy and Journalversity

How the Center for Journal Therapy is addressing the coronavirus

We are doing what we have always done

  • What we always do--since our founding in 1985--is bring the healing art and science of journal writing to all who desire self-directed change, in the context of a loving, sheltering community.
  • We've been teaching online for about 20 years, and we're really good at delivering top -quality experience at an affordable cost--or sometimes, like now, at NO cost.
  • Two of our corporate  core values are innovation and community. Two members of our Certified Journal to the Self Instructor community approached us separately on the same day in March with an innovative idea: How about a place where we could collectively contribute writing prompts, poetry, art, essays, free classes and videos to help us all cope with a world that is changing beneath our feet?
  • Love in the Time of Corona [with a nod to Gabriel Garcia Marquez] was instantly hatched.

Completely by word of mouth, we have grown to nearly 1,000 global members. We  welcome any and all who can use writing in community as a way of staying informed, reflective, supported and supportive in these challenging times. 

We publish once a month. Each issue contains:

  • Community Journal: A weekly essay by our founder, Kay Adams, with weekly check-in discussion questions for our subscribers.
  • Connections: Chewy writing prompts with Sharon McLeay.
  • Linda Barnes' Poem of the Week with essay and writing prompts.
  • Lightly moderated  and entirely optional discussion with subscribers all over the world -- sharing writing, photos, poetry, good news, bad news, support, caring and compassion.
  • Each module ends with "Community Smiles," an amusing, inspirational, touching or heartwarming share.

Modules also contain features such as:

  • Mini-workshops by Journalversity teachers
  • Informational essays on topics of current interest (mindset shifts for scary times, how to manage anxiety, stress release strategies, etc.)
  • Curated collections of articles on a specific topic, e.g. talking to kids about coronavirus, working from home,. 
  • Stories and poems from our readers.

A subscription is entirely free and may be enjoyed by anyone who can use it. Journal writers from all levels of experience, or no experience at all, are equally welcomed. We are open to all who desire a caring, conscious community for these times. You'll be notified by email when a new module is ready.

We do ask that participants agree to our ground rules for healthy community, a common-sense collection that helps us stay mindful of treating each other kindly and with respect. These guidelines are detailed in the introduction to the community.

Should you care to share this community with others via your social media accounts or community listservs, you may use this shortcut exactly as listed:

As the poet Ranier Maria Rilke wrote, "There is nothing so wise as a circle." Welcome to our giant global writing circle!

Wishing safety and health for you, your family and community,


Kathleen Adams LPC, CJT
Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Journal Therapist