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Kay Adams

Kay Adams is a licensed professional counselor in Denver, Colorado and the founder/director/CEO of the Center for Journal Therapy, the Therapeutic Writing institute and Journalversity.. She is a beloved teacher and mentor who has helped tens of thousands of individuals around the globe use writing as a tool for healing, growth and change. Kay is the author of the best-selling Journal to the Self and 12 other books on therapeutic writing, including Expressive Writing: Foundations of Practice and Journal Therapy for Calming Anxiety (June 2020), a year-long prompted expressive writing experience.

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About this course

Welcome to Stressbusting!

Our world is living through troubled times.  Geopolitics, a global economy, climate change, tyranny and oppression, the struggle for human rights, sufficiency, humanitarian relief -- all of this affects each of us some or all of the time.

And that's not even our personal lives! Family stress, workplace stress, not-enough-hours-in-the-day stress, caregiving stress, transitional stress, the stress of a cluttered, messy environment, stresses to health and harmony and happiness -- it's seldom we're not struggling with some stress or, more likely, several stresses at once. 

Stress is unavoidable and seemingly ubiquitous. One of the kindest acts of self-compassion we can give ourselves is the capacity to shift our relationship to stressors in our lives. 

Stressbusting: Writing through Troubled Times

What if you could bust that stress? What if you could reliably shift your relationship with a stressor, gaining insight, clarity and compassion along the way? And what if you could share the process in recovery, stress management, mindfulness or writing groups with clients? 

Help is at hand! You're about to register for a self-paced online course, Stressbusting: Writing through Troubled Times.

In one short session of about 60  minutes you will move through five brief writing processes to:

  • identify a stressor
  • tell its story
  • transform it into a personified being
  • have a conversation with it
  • write a short poem about your shifted relationship with it
  • tangibly observe your shift in relationship to the stressor

Once you've experienced the transformative process of Stressbusting, you'll likely want to share it with your clients and patients, perhaps in group work! At the end of the course you'll receive a PDF client  workbook and facilitation notes with timing for 60-minute and 90-minute groups.

I'm Kay Adams, and since 1985 my life's work has been the intersection of life-based writing and psychosocial/emotional healing. I've been privileged to work with tens of thousands of people, helping them find just the right combinations of structure, pacing, containment, insight, intuition, creativity, focus and outcome-orientation so that writing can be a door that opens into a more sustainable life.

Journalversity, a collaborative learning community with dedicated "schools" for therapists and clients alike, is one of my legacy projects. It's one-stop shopping for best-practice, cutting-edge continuing education in expressive and therapeutic writing for counselors, therapists and other helping professionals. 

Thanks for being part of Stressbusting! Reach out to me at if I can answer any questions for you.

PS: Complete the course evaluation and receive 1.0 hours of continuing education! NBCC ACEP #5782.